Genesis 12:1, NIV: "The LORD had said to Abram, 'Go from your country, your people and your father's household to the land I will show you.'"

He found himself always searching—searching for the path that would take him to a place he did not know. And while the uncertainty was somewhat daunting; his faith in his Guide was stronger. For no matter where he would go, he understood that God was already there, and had already prepared the way for him to go. He expected that the path he would take would be difficult at times; but, he understood that to take a different path would bring even greater difficulties. So Abraham trusted God, and went to a place he did not know—a place that God would show Him as he went. Such a thing is often a great struggle for us. To follow God guiding us into the unknown is daunting. We expect there will be difficult times as we follow the path on which He leads us. But how much more difficult is the path that He has not prepared? How much trouble do we bring upon ourselves when we follow a way of our own choosing when God has not led us that direction? It is often found in the heavier decisions of this life that we come to our choice—will we go our way, or His? And as we are all pilgrims making our way through this journey of life, we would do well to follow our Guide as He takes us through the unknown. For that is far better than the best understanding we may have of any other path.