Isaiah 5:4, NASB: What more was there to do for My vineyard that I have not done in it? Why, when I expected it to produce good grapes did it produce worthless ones?

Within the first three verses of Isaiah chapter 5, God’s care for His children is compared to a vineyard that has been provided all it needed to thrive and produce good grapes; “but it produced only worthless ones.” God’s nurture was not to blame for His children’s nature. God is the perfect Father. Yet even after He provided the best conditions for His children to be raised within, they turned out bad at this point. My wife and I raised two children as best we could; providing them care and treatment as equal as we could. But the person each has become is quite different. One is responsible; the other is not. One values faith and following Christ; the other does not. It seems that in our world today, it is often all too easy to blame the parents when children do bad things. That is too simplistic an approach and we should remember that "in the way [we] judge, [we] will be judged; and by [our] standard of measure, it will be measured to [us]." (Mt. 7:1). Parents will make mistakes, but they are not the only influence in a child's rearing. Other people, peers, teachers, selfish desires, and even the devil can influence us negatively as we grow and live. A parent should not quickly take all the blame; nor should others be too quick to assign it. God was, and is, the perfect Father. His children are not perfect. How could we think we could do better than God?