Ecclesiastes 4:10, NIV: If one falls down, his friend can help him up. But pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up!

“It’s not fair,” she said. “Life isn’t always fair,” was the reply. But the words were not cold as they sound. He who offered those words did so with love, and compassion. The words were actually comforting as they were spoken by someone who had been there—someone who truly cared. And in the silence that followed, he wept with her, and did not leave her side. Each one of us will face those times. Very little makes sense and life feels so unfair. In truth we know there are often others who suffer more than we; and some who have suffered in similar ways. In such times, we should resist the temptation to suffer alone. We can lean on those who are near and dear—those who offer a shoulder; an ear; or to be a verbal punching bag if needed. And when it is another who suffers, we can be there for him, or for her—being Christ’s embrace to help them through. For it is in Christ we find our wherewithal; our all in all. In Christ we find the grace to extend to them; and the love to encourage them; and the strength to remain beside them. In such times, we become the arms of our Lord that wrap around the hurting and the sick; the suffering and the discouraged. We find in this truth, further encouragement to remain in Christ ourselves. For as we remain in Christ, and in His Word and faithful service; we draw from Him what we need to be all we can be for another in their time of need. “Greater love has no one than this,” Jesus said, “but that He lay down his life for his friend.” We do no less than to lay down our own lives when we sacrifice and live for Christ each day so that He may live and love through us--touching the lives of those around us to help them on their way.