Luke 6:46, NIV: Why do you call me, 'Lord, Lord,' and do not do what I say?

Imagine if you will that you have a personal servant, or assistant. Draw in your mind the picture of a typical day of someone in your service. What sort of tasks do you expect this person to perform? At what hour does this person begin work, or end the day? Does this personís day start when yours does, and end the same? The servant is at your beckon call. The servantís workload, breaks, and time off are all dependent upon your desires. What is done and how it is done is according to your wishes--your will be done. We call ourselves the servants of Jesus. What does that mean to us? What picture do we draw to mind that represents what we feel would accurately portray the life of a servant of Christ? How closely does your life look like that picture you have in mind? Our cultural viewpoints most likely distort our understanding of true servitude. We live in a time and place where ideals like individualism and personal rights make being subservient to anyone sound archaic. But we do not need to look to the world around us to understand what it means to be a servant. We need only to look to the person of Jesus Christ. He is the perfect picture of a servant--the image of what we ourselves must try to become.