Matthew 6:21, KJV: For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.

Sometimes the excitement of fellow Christians is more than we can bear. They can’t seem to stop talking about Jesus, Heaven, and service to Him. They talk about pleasing God and sometimes become a walking sign of conviction to the rest of us. Perhaps they are unaware that when they approach, conversations end, people look at their watches and scatter. What is it about them? Why is it they seem so preoccupied with Jesus that they can’t live in the real world? Perhaps it is because, to them, Jesus is the real world. Perhaps it is because He is more real to them than the things of this world and the circumstances of life. They have indeed become living testaments of Jesus Christ and are a constant reminder to the rest of us as to where our hearts should be, and what we should treasure. Are we happy to be reminded that “everyday with Jesus is sweeter than the day before?” Or have we decided that sermons are for Sundays as we dodge the silent preaching of the living testaments that all of us should aspire to become?