Deuteronomy 6:14, NIV: Do not follow other gods, the gods of the peoples around you.

For many of us, if we want to see the object of our affection, we need only look in a mirror. Take a look around. How many people can you think of where you can say without hesitation, “That person lives for God first?” There are some. But the majority of us are first and foremost living for ourselves. Take a good, honest look in the mirror. How much do you do for that body? You make sure it gets food, clothing, and shelter. Do you appease it when it cries for entertainment, excitement, or anything else it wants? Now put God in the mirror with you. Does He show through in you, your actions, and attitudes? Can His light be seen in your eyes? Is who He is reflected in your life, or does He get crowded out by your reflection? It is a sad condition many of us may see ourselves in, when we have to honestly say, “I seem to love myself more than God.” But with Christ, we can find the means to love even as He loved us. But first, we must be willing.