Matthew 13:3, NIV: Then he told them many things in parables, saying: "A farmer went out to sow his seed…”

As someone dependent upon computers for the work I do, I, like so many others, occasionally find myself in need of upgrades and greater resources in order to keep things moving along. On one occasion, my father-in-law (a farmer, and someone without much use for computers) wondered why I needed some new equipment I had been considering. I told him my current situation was kind of like trying to plow a field with an ox pulled plow, instead of using a tractor. He immediately understood. Time after time, Jesus used parables to communicate important lessons. He often pulled from the familiar earthly things, to explain the spiritual, heavenly things. He knew His audience, and how to bring understanding. Sometimes, in our efforts to communicate the Gospel, we may forget our audience. Perhaps they have not been exposed to church, or the way we present our understanding of Jesus. But, perhaps, if we can make it our goal to bring understanding, we could find in the Holy Spirit the right words, that will transcend mere ideology--and draw them closer to God.