Matthew 6:33, NIV: But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.
(Also read John chapters 14 and 15)

The joy of the Lord is not something we seek directly; it is something we attain through seeking the Lord. The same is true of His peace, and His comfort. We can come to the Lord, asking, “Lord, give me peace I pray.” He answers us, “I am your peace.” In truth, joy, comfort, and peace, reside in Him, just as all we need resides in Him. He is our all in all--our life--our sustenance. To find joy, we must find He who is our joy. As we remain in Him, His joy remains in us. To find true and lasting peace, we do not come to Christ seeking peace itself as though it is something we wish to have as something separate from Him. We cannot separate the things of Christ from Christ as though gifts given to us from Him that He would no longer hold ties to. He is our joy, our peace, and our comfort. In Him resides all we need, and for all things we must first seek Him who will provide for our needs both for today, and for eternity.