John 14:6, NKJV: Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.

Throughout the ages, within the minds and hearts of individuals from all walks of life, there is held a common desire for personal justice when that person has been wronged. With that justice, there are terms. Terms the offender must accept if he or she is to find forgiveness in place of justice. And if the terms are truly met and all is forgiven, the doorway to restitution is open wide, bidding the forgiven to enter into fellowship. There are those in this world who do not understand how Christianity can be so narrow in thought as to suggest that it is the only way to escape judgment, to find forgiveness, to discover restitution through Christ’s blood, and to enter into fellowship with God. And yet, they, like so many others, hold a limited number of options for those who have wronged them to be forgiven. If you were wronged by me, and I sought your forgiveness, and you told me I must come to you genuinely sorry, promising you I would never do it again, and willing to accept whatever terms you offered, would you not expect me to comply if indeed I was truly sorry and was seeking reconciliation. There is One Way God has provided to be reconciled--it is through Christ alone.