John 10:27, NIV: My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.

I am His sheep. But am I a sheep gone astray? As I go throughout my day, is it His voice that guides me? Even we, His children, are still like so many lost sheep. We so often listen to voices other than that of the good Shepherd, Jesus. Distracted by so many things, we turn to the sound of our own voice of reason, and personal experience. We rely on what we know as though our wisdom could present to us an accurate picture of just how things are. Or perhaps, we hear the voice of others who themselves may be listening to the their own voices of reason and experience. But the voice of truth and true wisdom, and right reasoning is truly only found in one place. It is in the voice of our good Shepherd. Each day, it is necessary for us to stop, be still, and listen. We need to hear His voice above the noise. His voice is distinct. Do you hear it? What is the voice of the good Shepherd saying to you?