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Remember Poor Humpty

by Randy Chambers, 2004-08-06

Remember poor Humpty, who sat on the wall?
Well, he toppled and tuppled and had a great fall.
“all the kings horses and all the kings men,
could not put poor humpty together again,”
No fasteners or duct tape, no buttons or glue,
no stitching, nor taping, nor welding would do.
And yet, in the kingdom of kingdoms there was
one who could fix eggs, and so often does.
He came to the rescue of poor Humpty the egg,
and picked up the pieces, of his shell, arms and legs.
He then winked at poor humpty, a comforting wink,
And fixed him up jiffy, lickety-split, in a blink.
Ole Humpty, just smiled, smiled grateful—enthralled,
and looked up to the top of that ominous wall.
Then looked back to the one who had made all things right.
He said nothing at all—just held Him so tight.

In all of the quiet, Ole Humpty Dumpty just thought:
how in all of the kingdom, and kingdoms to be,
in all of the lands and eternity,
and all of the persons, and persons to come,
in a world filled with persons, there was only One.
Only one person who knew what it takes,
to mend all the pieces and crackles and breaks.
There was just one person, who knew just the right thing,
That Person of persons was Jesus—the King.

It has been many years since the tale of that fall,
years that more eggs have fell from the wall.
And still they search out, this King of all kings,
Who mends broken pieces of eggs, hearts and things.
For no other person of persons will do,
who can take broken lives, and can make then like new.

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