John 14:6, NIV:  Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

There are many doors that can only be opened by a single key. Some keys are easily found and attained. Other keys are not so easily attained. Some keys open the doors to earthly riches and success. Some keys open doors to good life and life more abundant. What are the keys that you seek? What do you desire to find in this life, or in the next? If you desire eternal life, it is quite clear there are not many keys, but only one. Christ is the only way to eternal life, He is the only way to get to God--there is no other way by which a person may be saved. Being a good person is not the key. Going to church, giving, and serving: these are not the keys. But in Christ we have many doors of opportunity opened to us that we would never have known without Him. There is opportunity to love, serve, and minister in the likeness of Jesus. There is also opportunity to have victory over sin, and to die to self. That perhaps is one of the greatest opportunities of all. As we die to self, we are free to live to Christ, and to be used more effectively to draw others to Him. He is our key to life, and with Him, we can become a door of opportunity for others to come to Him as well.