Hebrews 12:4, NIV: In your struggle against sin, you have not yet resisted to the point of shedding your blood.

Homosexuality is sin. Promiscuity is sin. Lustful thinking, greed, selfish ambition, haughtiness, cheating in business or with taxes, lying, and selfish anger—all sin. Each sin carries with it a severity of impact on self and others. All carry the same penalty: death. For “the wages of sin is death.” We so very often tend to downplay the severity of perceived “smaller” sins, while responding with astonishment at the report of the “big” sins. Perhaps the sins we are most appalled by are the sins we ourselves do not commit. Perhaps there is some confusion as to what is sin. I might attend a church that says that lying is not sin. Does that change the Word of God? God’s Word is His Word—not ours. We attempt to interpret it, but our interpretations do not change His intent. If we approach His Word seeking to justify ourselves, our lifestyles, our wants—then it is selfish pursuit, and in itself is sin. But if we seek to be changed by His Word that we may become more like Him, then the pursuit is holy. The question then is: Are we willing to give up what we want or think is right, or anything it takes so that we do not sin against God?