Matthew 15:8, NIV: These people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me.

A quick prayer, then I was off to work. “Praise You God,” I said. A question popped into my mind. For what was I praising Him—I mean—what specifically? Consider how we might respond to such praise from others. “Praise you John,” or “Praise you Cindy.” We might look at the person praising us and say, “Ok. So, what did I do?” Ok then, what did God do? He is certainly worthy of our praise, and has done more than we could ever aptly praise Him for, right? “Such as?” the question leads me further. My mind is drawn to Him. “Praise you because You have watched over me, and cared for my family,” I begin. The list grows. And what was a simple thought of Him became intimate adoration. I meant it when I simply said, “Praise You God,” but my words seemed to me like empty praise. But when my heart joined in, I moved from talking to God to worshipping Him.