Psalm 119:176, NIV: I have strayed like a lost sheep. Seek your servant, for I have not forgotten your commands.

My wife and I have experienced being lost in the middle of a big city. It was not a situation we enjoyed sharing together. You might say it was something that tested the character of our marriage to a degree. Think of a time when you were lost. You may have become anxious. You may have been gripped with a feeling of insecurity, and uncertainty. It is not a good feeling, being lost. And when you are lost, there is an overwhelming desire to do whatever it takes to get back to a place of familiarity. As Christians, we often talk about those who have not yet been found by Jesus as being lost. But consider how many of us who are Christians have, at one time or another, “strayed like a lost sheep.” For one reason or another, we lose focus and drift. It can be quite disconcerting. But God is still there; ready to guide His lost sheep home. No matter how far you stray, He’s still there—He’s still ready. David said to God, “Seek your servant.” For he understood that no matter how much we might lose sight of God, He will never lose sight of us.