John 10:28, NIV: I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; no one can snatch them out of my hand.

A little boy was given a piece of chocolate, which he decided to hold onto for later. After a while of holding it tightly in his hand, he opened his hand to find the chocolate and melted and left a mark in his hand. The chocolate sure didnít last very long. In fact, it didnít even make it to the boyís mouth. So much of what we hold onto in this life is like the chocolateómelting away. We hold tightly to things that seem real, yet have no truly lasting qualities. What is real to you? What do you hold on to? Is God real to you? Are you holding on to Him, knowing He is more real than anything else? A couple of thousand years ago, Jesus took up a cross for you and me. He held us in his heart and mind as he was crucified to redeem us. What He did left a mark on His hands that will never melt away. Consider today what you hold on to. Is it real? Is it eternal? Is it Jesus?