Proverbs 14:14, KJV: The backslider in heart shall be filled with his own ways: and a good man shall be satisfied from himself.

Were not always sure when it happens. We may not be certain how it happens. And we may be confused as to why it happens; but it sometimes happens. We suddenly open our eyes and see that we have backslid allowing some of our old ways to resurface. A habit, an attitude, or behavior, you thought was expunged, slowly creeps its way back into your life unnoticed. But then it hits you—and it hits hard. You get angry with yourself, and frustrated that you have failed. So what do you do? Get a grip! You’re sliding because your feet have been trying to grip something other than the firm ground of God. You can try to stand on your own, but first you must kneel. You may be tempted to lean on your own strength, but you must rely on His strength. God knows we slip and loose ground, but He stretches out His hand to us to lift us up and set us back on solid ground. You do not have to try harder to be good, but allow yourself to rest easier in Him and allow His good to show through you. Get a grip, be in the Word, and pray—this will help you keep from slip slidin’ away.