James 1:22, NIV: Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says.

Application of God’s Word to our lives is our ultimate goal of personal Bible study, so that through His Word, we might be transformed by His truths. Depending upon where you are in your spiritual walk, application can take on many different shapes. Sometimes, application is like a salve applied daily until an irritation is cleared up. Sometimes, it is like setting a broken bone—quickly done—then clothed with a protective covering while healing takes place. Sometimes, it is a bandage covering something not terribly severe, but in need of protection from dirt and infection. Whatever the case, God’s Word (like so many healing aids), won’t work for us unless we apply it. God knows your heart and what you need and He has just what you need to move forward in your walk with Him. If you are not sure how to apply His Word, just ask God, and try asking a Christian friend to help. Many others have been down the path you are on, and would be more than willing to help any who are themselves willing to be helped.