Matthew 6:27, NKJV: Which of you by worrying can add one cubit to his stature?

Of all the things we have that require from us a decisive act, it is amazing how much time we spend worrying over things for which we have no ability to act. Simply stated: We worry much about things we cannot change. My son was what many would call, "a late bloomer." He hated being the shortest boy in his class, and desperately wanted to grow. There was nothing I could do to help him. There was nothing he could do. It was simply something that took the things we need to grow—along with a good dose of time. There are a great many things we worry over—some known—some unbeknownst to us. I knew a youth who was passionate in her faith for Christ. In her eyes, she couldn’t grow fast enough. But it was inevitable she would learn that not only is patience a virtue, it is a spiritual fruit that grows over time. Our spiritual selves do not mature over night. We require the right things to grow, along with a good dose of time. And in time, we do grow. It is not we who add to our spiritual height, but God alone. So be encouraged. All good things come from the Father above—and so very often they require the process, and sometimes the pains, of time.