Hebrews 12:4, NIV: In your struggle against sin, you have not yet resisted to the point of shedding your blood.

I was recently thinking about the diet I am on, and how each time I have stepped on the scale, I have been greeted with the evidence of my progress. There is a considerable amount of joy when you see the fruits of a difficult labor. But another thought struck me. I thought for a moment about how nice it would be to indulge myself. In determined protest I argued with myself, “No! I am not going to blow it now!” Sometimes, a little indulgence is always too much indulgence. Take sin for example—no amount of indulgence is justifiable. And while physical health is important, spiritual health is of a much higher importance. When faced with temptation, I would hope we could have a tremendous amount of determination—to see sin for what it is—to stop indulgence dead in it tracks, and declare, “No! Look how far the Lord has brought me! I am not going to blow it now!”