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What Would Jesus Do Today?

by Randy Chambers, 1998-06-01

If Jesus were here among us,
and walked every day through this land.
would He still feed the hungry thousands,
or heal with the touch of His hand?

Would He teach us the way of the Father,
and tell us the way we should live.
Would He still live His life the way that He did,
giving all He could possibly give.

Would He still raise the dead from the grave?
bringing life where no life could be found?
Would He still bring freedom to servant and slave,
breaking chains by which they were bound?

Jesus would still do all of these things,
the need has not gone away.
The same things that He did, a long time ago,
He would do all over today.

We say Jesus lives inside of us,
but why is it we don't ever see.
The things that He would still do today,
being done through you and through me?

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