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Just One More Verse

by Randy Chambers, 2000-06-01

His mind began to frantically search,
to learn what felt so wrong.
His heart beat grew enormous,
with each chorus of the song.
He wished it to be over,
it seemed an endless curse.
But deep inside, a voice cried out,
"Please sing just one more verse."

Another Sunday came and went,
And another invitation.
But once again it passed him by,
due to his hesitation.
For every time the songs were sung,
the struggle grew much worse.
And his grip of pride grew tighter,
Through the passing of each verse.

The day soon came which was to be,
his last day in the church.
It seemed he no longer had the need,
to carry on his search.
But as they came to carry him,
from the alter to the hearse,
deep down inside, his spirit cried,
"Please sing just one more verse."

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