Luke 24:11, NIV: But they did not believe the women, because their words seemed to them like nonsense.

One of the greatest moments in history had taken place. Jesus had risen as He said He would. It was the best news a follower of His could hear--and somehow, the most difficult to believe. The disciples, still in shock from Christ’s crucifixion, could not believe their ears at the news of the women. "Their words seemed to them like nonsense.”  One might wonder why it is so much easier to believe the bad over the good; to remain in despair when hope is present. What drives us to accept defeat when great victory is at hand? When faced with difficult times or decisions, do we believe that with God “all things are possible?” Or do we hear the words of God through others and turn away in disbelief? How many times will the Spirit lead us, only for the truth to seem to us like so much nonsense? It is a shame how often God’s supernatural way is dismissed in favor of man’s common reasoning.  There is always hope.